I want to participate not only in this race, but also in life. I want to do this adventure for every man, woman and child out there with a terminal illness , someone with just a dream. I want to participate to raise awareness for Mother Earth. I want to do this because I do believe God believes in me!

I have done numerous 4x4 expeditions and outreach projects in Southern Africa. We are a group of women who love to travel into remote areas and try do give back to the less fortunate. I was part of a such a team who took fishing equipment to Mozambique, diesel for water pumps in Hwange National Park and in 2010 we took school supplies, food and clothes for people in rural Zimbabwe - just to name a few.

I've taken part in the Spirit of Africa Trophy with Sarel van der Merwe four times, and held my own between all the men.

I watched polar bears in the Arctic Circle and gazed over Africa from the top of Kilimanjaro. I used alternative modes of transport - rode across the Namib desert on camel back and trekked through Northern Thailand and Burma on elephant. I was blessed to look deep into a gorilla’s brown eyes in Rwanda and schlep trough thick rainforest in Borneo trying to find Urangatangs. Life has treated me good and God has blessed me with magical experiences and surrounded me with amazing people; a wonderful husband and two stunning kids!!

Only one thing makes a dream impossible and that is the fear of failure... Am I scared of not succeeding, hell yeah! Am I scared of all the dangers Africa has to offer - definitely.