Something about the man behind the scene and not behind the wheel:
After 21 years of marriage I think it will be an excellent test to put our wedding vows to the test - 
"I will not scream at my wife when she drives to fast over huge sand dunes in the Sahara.......
I will not start a sentence with "I think ..."
I will never on this trip tell her "honey I think we’re lost..."
Johnny Lotter will be the official co-driver on the 2011 Budapest to Bamako Rally.  Johnny went to a Technical High School but luckily he graduated as a Medical Specialist.  I’m not taking him with for his technical abilities – but rather for his medical expertise.  Johnny is a Paediatrician in private practice at Pretoria East hospital.  He is a passionate humanitarian and I will be lucky to have him as my partner in crime...