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Mar 21, 2011

South of Africa

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You wouldn't guess where I am....? Back in the WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFULL, STUNNING, SOFISTICATED, WELL ORGANIZED, CLEAN and FRIENDLY SA!!  We contemplated all the options and it was cheaper to get a flight back to South Africa and apply for the visa here, than to stay in Kinshasa and wait.  Nobody knows how long it can take for a visa there.  I pack some dirty clothes in a bag and jump on the first flight out of there yesterday.  Last night  I had some sushi, a looooong bath and a good nights rest in my own bed with my own husband.  The kids only came back late this afternoon and they are still a bit bomb shock.

Tomorrow morning I'm back at the Angola embassy to see if I can get a visa before the weekend.

If there is anybody out there who has contacts in the Angola embassy, Angola government, the CIA or FBI or even the KGB...... please step up to the plate know.  Please help a blond crazy chick get a visa to bring the car home.  I can smell that big braai, I'm almost through this whole continent.  Just a small hick-up  OR maybe a blessing.  Will never know.