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Mar 19, 2011

Back in Kinshasa

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So shoot me for believing in miracles..... Maybe that's why Africa gave up, because if you cannot believe in miracles - what else is there, and I'm only traveling this part of the continent for 2 months.  Well this is a very long story, and I do promise to tell you someday - but not now.  This is the very short version:

Wake up at 3 with stomach cramps, diarea and nausia.  Not good when you sleeping in your car at the borderpost and there is a party 20m away and it's full moon.  What  follow is not for sensitive viewers. That is a 'kampvuur' story.

Got ready and dressed for the big day to cross over to Angola. At 8 were waiting at the border. First they told us the chief is not working and then they change the story. He'll be there at 10.  One look at my expired visa and no go.  I could not fight the tears back and the chief felt sorry for me.  He took my passport and drove over to the Angola side. Came back and told me okay, but it's gonna cost me.  I had to wait until 1 o'clock.  At one the heavens open up as we drove over the bridge into Angola.  I met the chief and told him my story.  One to phone and after 30min he came back with the wonderful news. NO. Only option is to go back to Matadi and wait 14 days or back to Kinshasa and wait 14 days there.

Driving in the dark it took me 6  hours of horrific trafic to get back to Kinshasa.  Book into the wonderful Grand Hotel. And now I'm off to BED!!!

TIA  -  This is AFRICA!