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Mar 16, 2011

Deep Down in Dark Congo

Category:Budapest - Bamako

Wow what a wonderful, peacefull, relaxing day on the harbor port of Kinshasa. It was a hot one and the platform where the cars are stuck - well there is no shade, nor a little cafe. So nobody did anything today. 1'stly the green paper was gone, then they found it, then the guy was looking for the yellow paper. We found that 2, There is no number on the paper and without the number we cannot offload our cars. So we ask him to write the number. No the person who writes the number is not there, and the person under him who make sure he writes the number - he is also not there. So we will go to these people wherever they are and they can write the number - NO NOT POSSIBLE - they will come tomorrow. Wel can I phone them - NO, NOT POSSIBLE, they do not have names or phone nr's. Okay .... how much US $, you tell me I pay! NO, NOT POSSIBLE. The guy to bride he is also not there. F@1nG incredible... At least the guys with the big bazuka's and AK's are friendly. White Nuckles and Red Tape. I'm spending 2 weeks of my very valuable time in the Congo's. In my wildest dream I did not think for one moment that this is how this trip will play out. I knew I would sometimes ran into a brick wall, but at least be able to move on. There is nothing I can do, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I scream, sometimes I cry, sometimes I pray and sometimes I just loose it....!? Remember it it Johnny's birthday tomorow - please send him sms'e.